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Telecoms, Wireless, IPTV and OTT Systems

MKB Comms Ltd has a long standing history for providing quality IPTV and video streaming systems directed at the hospitality market. We are proud to have completed such projects for prestigious companies and organisations such as the well known, London Harley Street hospital - The London Clinic.

At MKB Comms, we do not just supply you with the equipment. We can take you seamlessly through the installation of your IPTV or OTT headend and Middleware Server, integrated as a whole into your existing IP network infrastructure. In essence, we can provide you with a full custom solution based on your requirements from supplying you with a reliable IPTV system right through from design to system installation and continued 24/7 support of your system.

Our Solutions

We offer solutions created from our product range and that of our partner companies, to ensure that our systems are fully integrated and based on proven technology.

We have designed IPTV solutions for hospitals, hotels and service providers - rolling out paid subscription of digital TV services over the internet.

  • IPTV solutions for education, hotels and hospitals, with optional WiFi wireless access points.
  • Video on demand and catch-up TV integrated with your IPTV solution.
  • Telecom solutions for Revenue Assurance, VoIP Gateways and Wireless.

Our Services

We provide design and consultancy services for your Telecom and IPTV solutions. Our main areas of focus are: IPTV & OTT, Transmission Networks, SS7 & IP Revenue Assurance, Telecom Software Development and IP Network Design.

For IPTV content delivery, we can also provide you with cloud based CDN service that will reliably deliver live and catch-up TV streams to your customers across the world. This makes it possible for you to become a global IPTV service provider generating monthly revenue from around the world.

With our 24/7 support option, you know your customers will always be in the picture.

Our Products

MKB have a large range of telecom and IPTV products of our own and from our Partner companies. As System Integrators we fully ensure that all our products are fully compatible and operable seamlessly.

We offer products for Telecom Revenue Assurance, Wireless Access, VoIP Gateways, IPTV and over-the-top OTT. As a systems integrator we can source other telecoms, wireless or network equipment as required.

In addition, we offer installation and 24/7 support services to ensure that all of of our equipment that we install is always operating at peak performance.