TelEm SS7 Revenue Assurance

MKB Comms has successfully demonstrated our latest product, the SS7 Revenue Assurance to the Netherlands Antilles operator TelEm and successful in being awarded the project to monitor and analyse the National and International Traffic in St Maarten.

Saint Maarten is a switching centre within the Caribbean and International traffic from local islands passes through. The CDRs generated off this SS7 traffic can be stored and analysed by the Switchblade system. CDR analysis allows trends in the International traffic to be modelled.

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London and Paris Residences

MKB Comms has successfully completed the installation and provisioning of an IPTV service in two prestigious residences based in London and Paris for a private client.

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Telbo SS7 Revenue Assurance

MKB Comms has successfully completed a contract with the Netherlands Antilles operator Telbo (Telefonia Bonairiano) to install SS7 Revenue Assurance Switchblade equipment for monitoring SS7 traffic between Bonaire and the islands on its International E1 links.

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Gambia Broadcast TV Contract

MKB Comms has successfully completed the final Phase of the contract with the Gambian operator Gamtel (Gambia Telecommunications Company Ltd) to replace the countrywide TV Transmission Network…

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