Network Design

Network Design Services

Our team of network design engineers, have a vast amount of experience in IP network design, giving you the support at the heart of your business you need. With IP products and services being our core business, network design is the base on which we provide our customers with the products and services we offer.

Providing telecom services to various markets worldwide since 2000, our portfolio includes IP Network design services for WANs, LANs and Wireless LANs to suit your requirement. With our speciality being in the area of high-bandwidth Switched LANs for IPTV systems we will guarantee end-to-end bandwidth that supports Multicast and QOS. Quality assured bandwidth is essential for a reliable TV content delivery system and you should expect nothing less.

We don't just stop at LAN design for our customer needs. Our engineers are experienced in WAN topologies enabling us to provide you with such services as Over the Top (OTT) service delivery. OTT is a full content delivery service for your customers enabling a rapid content delivery network globally. This makes profiting from the up and coming mass information market a breeze. Such an example is an IPTV service delivered to many thousands of customers world wide from a single source.

From fibre optic backbones to DSLAMs for customer access, we are able to provide you with the equipment you require for fast internet delivery to your customers.

We are experienced in the following areas of network design:

  • Enterprise LANs with VLAN, QOS and Multicast support.
  • WANs with a fibre backbone and redundant links.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Wireless LANs for 802.11 WiFi.
  • IP data packet monitoring and classification.

MKB Comms also supplies and installs UTM products for network security service.

Please contact us either by email or telephone to discuss any specific IP Network Design requirements that you have.