Telecoms Revenue Assurance

Revenue Assurance Overview

MKB Comms supplies an Enterprise Telecom Revenue Assurance, Billing and Fraud Management solution called Switchblade Revenue Assurance for real-time telecoms network monitoring and inter-carrier billing.

Switchblade can monitor either traditional SS7 traffic carried on E1 / STM-1 TDM trunks or SIGTRAN / VoIP traffic carried over an Ethernet packet-switched network. The Call Detail Records (CDRs) generated are stored in a database for revenue assurance, financial, billing generation or telecom fraud analysis.

In addition, we offer a hosted database solution on a Cloud based application server, where you are able to monitor your traffic and analyse your network CDRs / performance statistics online.

Please contact us either by email or telephone with your Revenue Assurance or Telecom billing requirements.