IPTV Overview

MKB Comms Ltd provides IPTV solutions, IPTV is a way in which digital TV services are streamed over a IP network to the end user. This can be either over the Internet (Over-the-top/OTT IPTV) or distributed on a LAN within a building.

With traditional IPTV live TV is streamed from a TV Gateway onto the LAN for distribution throughout the premises. Individual set top boxes (STBs) receive the live TV streams from the LAN and convert them back to TV pictures. This system can be enhanced with a Video on Demand server for playing movies, a Catch-up TV server for playback of TV programmes and Timeshifting for pausing live TV.

With an OTT IPTV system a cloud based Streaming Server is used to connect client devices to digital TV services. Smart TVs and TV on mobile devices are the emerging way to watch TV.

MKB Comms provide IPTV solutions for Telecom service providers, Mobile Operators, Corporate Businesses, Hospitals & Healthcare organisations, Residential buildings & Apartment blocks, Hotels & Hospitality and Educational establishments.

MKB Comms Ltd has an IP network design service so we can implement the correct network architecture to distribute your IPTV content to your clients.

Please contact us either by email or telephone with your IPTV requirements.