Hospital IPTV

Hospital IPTV Overview

Hospital IPTV diagram

The primary requirements for a Healthcare or Hospital IPTV System are for patient entertainment and patient medical record display for use by Clinicians.

For patient entertainment, state-of-the-art high-definition HDTV with a bouquet of both national TV channels can be provided from terrestrial and satellite feeds, together with Video on Demand (VoD) for box office movies. A telephone and Internet access are available on a Triple Play bedside terminals. The IPTV system can be enhanced with time-shift TV and network PVR (nPVR) to allow TV viewing at convenient times.

The Clinicians have access to the Patient’s medical record from the bedside temrminal. This is a convenient place to allow medical issues to be discussed. The patient can use the IPTV PVR function when a Clinician arrives or there are other interruptions.

The IPTV system allows for patient entertainment, so they experience an enhanced stay at the Hospital to aid their recovery.

Hospital IPTV Middleware

Take a look at this Hospitality middleware that we can deploy. This is an demonstration of the middleware features that are available to the patient.

Hospitality IPTV Middleware video

Please contact us for further information or a demonstration of this IPTV system for both Hospitals (NHS and private) and Clinics. We can also provide Hospitals with Enterprise grade WiFi, Digital signage and Patient call systems.