Wireless Access

Wireless Access Overview

MKB Comms Ltd supplies Wireless infrastructure equipment primarily for mobile internet access. This can be for 802.11 WiFi, 3G, HSPA or the latest 4G / LTE standard. We do provide complete out-of-the box solutions in a cabinet, including masts and outdoor antennas.

We will provide a complete fully customised Wireless solution, tailored exactly to your needs. We undertake site surveys to determine radio propagation and provide a detailed report.

One of our common requirenemts is to supply and install WiFi Access Points for Hotels, Schools and Businesses. Whether it be a basic system with multiple Access Points or more advanced systems with Guest access, multiple Access Points and a WiFi access controller for seamless roaming between Access Points.

MKB has supplied WiFi Wireless access points for internet access for mobile devices, to SMBs and to Enterprises. This Wireless access is fully compatible with our IPTV and OTT platforms.

Please contact us either by email or telephone with your Wireless access requirements.