Telco & Mobile IPTV

Telco & Mobile IPTV Overview

Mobile IPTV Streaming diagram

MKB Comms strives to help Telco and Mobile TV service providers implement their visions for the services of today and tomorrow. With our ViaLive IPTV Gateway, we allow operators to stream high-quality live IP video to multiple mobile devices simultaneously.

ViaLive – Live IP Streaming

MKB’s IPTV and VoD solutions create value and new revenue streams for fixed line telecom carriers, broadband internet providers and mobile phone operators. By tapping into the growing demand for HD and mobile content, operators can generate new business while retaining customer loyalty.

Our range of solutions for live TV and VoD content delivery over IPTV and over-the-top (OTT) are designed for quick installation so that operators can deploy new services simply and effectively.

In order to ensure high-availability and performance, the ViaLive IPTV solution includes ViaLive Gateway, ViaLive Delay and ViaLive Sniffer. All of them are managed by the ViaManager Monitor.

  • ViaLive Gateway – ViaLive Gateway is a range of professional DVB to IP gateways that enables the deployment of IPTV head-ends for telco, mobile, broadcaster, cable TV operators and TV networks.
  • ViaLive Delay – ViaLive Delay delivers IPTV streams with a constant delay for multi-timezones countries.
  • ViaLive Sniffer – ViaLive Sniffer is a network probing software that delves deep into IPTV networks in order to identify existing or potential issues. Using this data, it ensures that the right preventive maintenance and failover redundancy steps are taken.
  • ViaManager Monitor – ViaManager Monitor is a monitoring and redundancy solution that allows for supervision of all IPTV infrastructure components including third-party network equipment.
Telco ViaLive IPTV diagram

We have solutions to help cable operators, telco TV providers and mobile TV providers to rapidly introduce, quickly scale and efficiently support the next generation of IP based video services.

Please contact us for further information or a demonstration of this Telecom IPTV system for Telco & Mobile operators.