Telecoms Software Development

Telecoms Software Development services

Our software development team have successfully completed projects worldwide for large companies in the telco and ISP business, assuring that their networks are secure and running to maximum potential. With software development expertise in the SS7, SIGTRAN and VoIP monitoring arena, we offer our clients the very best in revenue assurance, billing techniques and post analysis of their network. Our friendly team pride themselves in understanding your requirements to exceed expectations in quality and excellence.

Our development team are able to provide you with the following development solutions:

  • TCP/IP programming.
  • CDR generation (Call Data Records).
  • RADIUS server applications.
  • DPNSS (a network protocol used on digital trunk lines for connecting to PABX).
  • Intelligent Network implementation.

Our expertise on the above solutions is diverse, enabling you a smooth transition from start to finish of your specific requirements. We work closely with the client to assure satisfaction using the following skill base:

  • Enterprise Linux.
  • C/C++ and C# (Mono).
  • MySQL and PostgreSQL database.
  • TCP/IP client/server programming.
  • Mobile Web development with PHP and HTML5.
  • EPG and XML parsing.
  • SS7 Stack.
  • Win32 applications in C/C++ and C# (.NET).
  • Win32 TAPI applications.

Please contact us either by email or telephone to discuss any specific Telecom Software requirements that you have.