Transmission Networks

Transmission Networks Overview

Whatever your transmission requirements are whether it is transmitting compressed Voice, Data, Fax, TV signals, IPTV or Traffic analysis, MKB Comms has the leading edge in Voice Compression, TV Broadcast, IPTV and SS7 Revenue Assurance/Traffic Analysis solutions.

The applications for voice compression solutions are endless. Voice compression networks are:

  • Designed to provide global solutions to present and future DCME requirements.
  • Provides speech compression ratios for DCME DTX 240 or 10:1 for DCME DTX 360 or 16:1 for DCME TelsiNex.
  • Offers greater toll quality speech performance and reliability.
  • Provides long term cost savings.

The applications for TV Broadcast solutions are:

  • High Power Solutions for the DVB and ATSC worlds featuring UHF, VHF, Solid State, IOT, Liquid Cooled and Water Cooled Technologies. All high power digital transmitters are equipped with unique Digital Adaptive Pre-correction (DAP). DAP offers broadcasters advantages in performance, operating costs and the elimination of preventative maintenance costs.
  • Low Power Solutions for the DVB and ATSC worlds. These low power transmitters are compact, cost-effective and employ field-proven architecture.
  • Digital Starter Kit: an End-to-End Digital TV Broadcasting systems.

Our solutions use the latest in leading technologies and are designed to provide maximum availability. MKB Comms solutions have been deployed worldwide in the most demanding of environments, where reliability and quality of service is paramount.

We are one of the very few systems integrators in the UK that has a true heritage and a long established track record in turnkey voice compression communications networks, particularly in Digital Circuit Multiplication Equipment (DCME). The skills required for DCME implementation are specialised and require years of on site and theoretical training. It is this level of expertise that has positioned MKB Comms as the preferred choice to provide a wide range of solutions. Our proven background in transmission networks means that we are ideally positioned to provide a professional and impartial service, using a wide range of technologies.

The company ethos is built around one fundamental objective, to “Satisfy” and “Exceed” our Customers expectations by offering a unique blend of innovative solutions, bespoke quality services and continued Customer support.

Please contact us either by email or telephone with your Transmission Network requirements.